An old flat roof in need of replacement

An old crown flat roof in need of replacement

A flat roof removed. Insulation around edges used as a thermal block.

Picture shows furrings allowing roof to have a run off

Kingspan being used to upgrade insulation

Tr31 board being used to convert to a warm deck roof

Tr31 being installed

Roof set for dome installation

Flat roof with all boarding

Flat roof ready for Epdm


Welcome to Our EPDM Flat Roof page

Start of Works:

·         A temporary cover installed if necessary

·         Remove existing covering

·         Check roof for level

·         Structural ply installed

·         Kingspan insulation installed

·         RubberBond installed

We are members of the Competent Roofers Scheme which automatically provides a 10 year insolvency warranty.  This  Scheme enables us to self certify to Local Authority Regulations.  Companies not registered by this Scheme by law have to seek Local Authority certification for any roof works that removes at least 25% of the roof area.

All waste when transported from the site is removed by one of our vehicles. The materials are then disposed of according to London Waste Regulation Authority.

Approved Installer Of

RubberBond™ FleeceBack™ EPDM Rubber Roofing System

Through patented technology, a non-woven polyester fleece is laminated to the underside of the standard RubberBond™ EPDM making FleeceBack™ a more substantial and stronger EPDM product. This makes it an extremely durable rubber roofing material that is:

  • Over twice the thickness of standard EPDM
  • 180% plus greater tear resistance*
  • 60% plus greater impact resistance*
  • There is no shrinkage or stress to cause leaks at flashings, upstands or other penetrations.

*Greater than standard 1.14mm-thick EPDM

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Velux - Gallows Brackets & Insulation

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New crown flat roof with new tiles & leadwork

New Epdm flat roof installed

New Epdm flat roof installed

New Epdm flat roof installed

New Epdm flat roof installed with domes

New Epdm bay flat roof installed

New Epdm crown flat roof installed

Leadwork welded around a chimney stack

New Epdm flat roof installed

New Epdm flat roof installed

New Epdm flat roof installed